Media Voices is the reincarnation of TheMediaBriefing podcast that ran from November 2016 to June 2017.

Our plan is pretty simple – continue to produce 30 minutes of media news and views every Tuesday, kicking off with our take on the week’s media machinations followed by an interview with a leading light from leading media organisations across the world.

Chris Sutcliffe

Chris is a graduate of the Interactive Journalism course at City University. He joined TheMediaBriefing.com in Summer 2014 and worked as News Editor until June 2017. During his time at TheMediaBriefing he wrote over 300 articles on all aspects of media and interviewed executives from The Atlantic through to Zara. He has also written for the Guardian and has spoken about the magazine industry on BBC Radio 4’s The Media Show and Jazz FM.

Chris tweets as @ChrisMSutcliffe and can be reached at chris@voices.media

Esther Kezia Thorpe

Esther works for Dennis Publishing as the Content Marketing Manager for their B2B titles. She was TheMediaBriefing’s Assistant Editor from 2016-2017, and previously worked as an editor and designer for a digital magazine technology company. Her writing has covered Facebook’s advances into audio, developments in the app business and the precarious nature of publishing subscriptions.

Esther tweets from @EstherKeziaT and can be reached at esther@voices.media

Peter Houston

Peter runs Flipping Pages Media, delivering consultancy and training for publishers working in pixels and print. He was TheMediaBriefing’s Editor at Large from 2015 until 2017 and has written about media for the Drum, Publishing Executive, MediaTel Newsline and InPublishing. He loves telling people about the time he spoke at Google’s ThinkPublishing conference in Dublin.

Peter tweets from @Flipping_Pages and can be reached at peter@voices.media