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The New European’s editor Matt Kelly on bravery and business models

In this week’s episode, The New European’s editor Matt Kelly discusses the respective strengths of right- and left-wing rhetoric, the ephemeral nature of pop-up publishing, and what it means for the paper to have been rewarded with four prizes at the British Media Awards last week.

In the news round-up Chris and the newly-married Esther discuss Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook’s race to own video, newspaper owners’ desperate pleas for advertisers to come back to print and Airbnb’s new print partnership with Hearst. In our new regular feature ‘Who Hath Blighted The Consumer This Week’ we discuss whether anyone really needs an IoT-enabled salt shaker.


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Trinity Mirror’s digital innovation editor Alison Gow on the opportunities of Live

In the March 28th episode of TheMediaBriefing, we talk to Trinity Mirror’s digital innovation editor Alison Gow on the opportunities afforded by live video for national and regional media, in addition to talking AR and best practice for engaging with communities on social platforms.

In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss the ongoing YouTube ad blackout, why reddit is introducing profile pages, Twitter’s new premium offering and more success for The Times’ subscription model.

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NewsThump’s Richard Smith on how satirical humour sites are being hit by ‘fake news’ filters

The definition of Fake News went from ‘specific term for misinformation spread via social networks’ to ‘objective fact I disagree with’ within a week of its conception. In the same way you can physically watch bamboo grow, you could watch the the term ‘fake news’ become meaningless with your bare eyes.

While the term itself is nebulous and ill-defined now, the responses to it have been very real and concrete. Facebook, a vector for the spread of misinformation, has now implemented its response, making it much harder for users to spread ‘fake news’. But there are other efforts underway behind the scenes, and attempts to curb the spread of misinformation is hitting satirical humour sites too. In this episode of TheMediaBriefing’s podcast, NewsThump’s founder Richard Smith explains how his site has been caught in the crossfire.

In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss TMB favourite Quartz becoming profitable after four years, George Osborne’s ascension to editorship of the London Evening Standard and how the Hustle email newsletter raised $300k from its readers in 55 hours.

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Media analyst Kevin Anderson on going beyond the article

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing’s podcast we talk to Kevin Anderson, author of the Beyond the Article: Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation report for the Reuters Institute. We discuss platform plurality, the need for good project managers and why editorial and commercial innovation need to be wed.

In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss the Metro’s circulation ‘success’, Vimeo’s 360 video project and Instant Article disappointment.

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Editorial cartoonist Andy Davey on why publishers should readjust their priorities

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing podcast, we speak to editorial cartoonist Andy Davey to discuss his work for the Guardian; The Sun; Private Eye; Punch and more, and discuss how the homogenisation of digital news brands can be stopped.

In the news roundup, Chris and Esther debate the pros and cons of Google AMP for publishers, reported declines in the number of editorial staff at the FT, Slate, Thrillist and other, and Esther fails to prevent Chris evangelising about virtual reality and its use at publishers.

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Glamour’s Jo Elvin on a modern magazine’s role in society

In the latest, entirely Trump-free podcast, we hear from Glamour UK’s editor in chief Jo Elvin on its recent format change and price drop, its enduring place in the minds of its readers and how the magazine and society are reciprocal reflections of one another. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther talk Guardian rumours, print closures (we don’t seek these out, we swear!) and the latest skirmish in the Facebook-Snapchat war.

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The Drum’s Diane Young on when a magazine company is no longer a magazine company

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing podcast, we chat to The Drum’s Diane Young to ask when a magazine company is no longer a magazine company. We also provide a news round-up discussing a bad week for (most) print products and publishers, Facebook finally overtaking some traditional media organisations in terms of ad revenue, and a discussion about whether we’re already living in an advertising dystopia.