Mic’s Cory Haik on millennial loyalty, meaningful storytelling and the importance of deliberate distribution

This week, Mic’s Publisher Cory Haik talks to us about surviving as a video-first publisher in a platform world, how they retain a loyal and engaged millennial audience, and why she’s not giving up on platform publishing as a sustainable option.

In the news round-up, Peter and Esther discuss missed opportunities to grill the Zuck, why they won’t be flocking to Yahoo News any time soon, Martin Sorrell’s surprise departure and why Flipboard has reclaimed its traffic crown. Chris frolics with hobbits abroad.

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Nieman fellow Katherine Goldstein on maternity culture in journalism

This week’s episode of Media Voices sees Esther speak to Nieman fellow Katherine Goldstein about what it will take to make journalism in the US friendlier to new mothers and maternity leave, following the publication of her article ‘Where are the mothers?

In the news round-up we talk about digital success at the Guardian and NYT, the ongoing pivot to video and the successful crowdfunding project to keep Snopes alive. Peter and Chris throw Esther under the bus rather than admit they were wrong about the Guardian’s membership scheme.

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