Mic’s Cory Haik on millennial loyalty, meaningful storytelling and the importance of deliberate distribution

This week, Mic’s Publisher Cory Haik talks to us about surviving as a video-first publisher in a platform world, how they retain a loyal and engaged millennial audience, and why she’s not giving up on platform publishing as a sustainable option.

In the news round-up, Peter and Esther discuss missed opportunities to grill the Zuck, why they won’t be flocking to Yahoo News any time soon, Martin Sorrell’s surprise departure and why Flipboard has reclaimed its traffic crown. Chris frolics with hobbits abroad.

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The Tip-Off’s Maeve McClenaghan on celebrating investigative journalism

This week, host and founder of The Tip-Off Maeve McClenaghan takes us through why it’s important to celebrate investigative journalism in an age of ‘fake news’ and limited resources for journalists.

In the news round-up, the team takes a deep dive into new ad-blocking stats, laments the closure of Teen Vogue in print, worries about Snapchat’s future and celebrates more paywall success. Audio glitches suspiciously kill a discussion on billionaire media owners.

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CNN’s Samantha Barry on innovative social media for a global newsbrand

On the fourth of July, Media Voices is celebrating its own Independence Day. In the inaugural episode of our new-look podcast, Esther interviews CNN’s executive producer of social and emerging media Samantha Barry about its U.S. election coverage, the rise and rise of chatbots, and how the team approaches storytelling across different platforms.

In the news roundup Peter, Chris and Esther discuss the NYT making 100 copy editors redundant, the end of the ‘Trump Bump’, and Instagram’s A.I. approach to censoring nasty comments. Peter throws cold water on Chris’ dream of living in a Star Trek universe, and Esther risks the entire future of the podcast on a joke about Peter’s accent.

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