Media Voices is a weekly look at all the news and views from across the media world, featuring leading figures from media and publishing businesses. The team behind the podcast take a common sense approach to media analysis, from the practices of journalism to deep dives into publisher business models.

The Media Voices team have recorded live at media events, featured in numerous roundups of the best industry podcasts, and have interviewed an impressive roster of guests from top organisations such as Mic, The Economist, Facebook, CNN, The Times, Refinery29, the FT, and more.

If you know someone who would make a brilliant guest, please contact Esther at, but please read our pitching guidelines first (below).

For sponsorship or commercial opportunities, please contact Peter at

Chris Sutcliffe

Chris is a freelance media journalist and A/V producer. He has experience in print production for national newspapers and trade magazines, and has done consultancy and product development for some of the biggest print and digital publishers internationally. He can’t cook – but is working on it.

Chris tweets as @ChrisMSutcliffe and can be reached at

Esther Kezia Thorpe

Esther is a freelance media analyst, podcaster and designer, having previously worked for Dennis Publishing and the Media Briefing. She writes frequently for What’s New in Publishing, as well as editing their popular weekly newsletter and their growing library of reports, and has helped a growing number of publishers develop and launch their own podcasts. She has written and designed The Publisher’s Guide to Podcasting, a comprehensive 50 page report on the challenges and opportunities of podcasts for publishers.

Esther tweets from @EstherKeziaT and can be reached at

Peter Houston

Peter is a freelance media journalist with bylines in The New Statesman, The Drum, InPublishing and Publishing Executive. He runs Flipping Pages Media, an independent content consultancy and training firm and has spoken about media in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Invites from South America eagerly awaited.

Peter tweets from @Flipping_Pages and can be reached at

Guest pitches

We welcome guest recommendations, especially of women and diverse voices in media and publishing. Self-nominations or suggestions of people you think would be great are fine too – just drop us a note.

Please note – following our break for a special deep-dive season, we currently have a huge backlog of guest pitches for 2023. We’ll endeavour to get back to you asap but please bear with us!

For PRs, here are some guidelines for telling us about a potential guest:

  • Our interviews focus on the people working in media and publishing. Do give us as much info as you can about what their role is in the organisation, and background if relevant.
  • Don’t worry about suggesting topics. Our interviews aren’t topic-based, they’re people-based.
  • If there’s a recent launch or milestone with the organisation, this helps with the angle we approach the interview from.
  • We don’t tend to interview vendors on the main podcast. Check out our Conversations episodes for our vendor offering, where they can shape the discussion around a topic and highlight expertise to our audience.

We try and respond to everyone who suggests guests, but we get a lot of emails, so please be patient! We try and carefully balance the range of voices each season as well as the organisations we have on, from global publishers to indie magazines.