Powerhouse business and tech publishers The Information and Bloomberg Media have come together to offer a joint subscription to both titles in a trial which could see a longer term partnership established between the two publishers.

At present, annual subscriptions cost up to $749 at The Information, and $475 at for an All Access pass to Bloomberg. The combined package offered by the publishers is $499 for the year, which includes access to exclusive subscriber newsletters, video calls, apps, podcasts, and the paywalled reporting across both sites.

Talks about a potential partnership between the two companies were being held in September last year. The audience alignment makes a great deal of sense as both businesses cater to a high-end business reader, said Axios. Sara Fischer commented at the time that “the subscription landscape is growing so competitive, that news companies banning together to sell joint subscription packages may be the next big trend.”

According to Digiday, revenues from the partnership will be split 50-50 between the two publishers, even if one brings in more subscribers than the other.

A bundle by any other name

There are still hurdles to be overcome with the partnership, with backend systems just being part of the challenge. Users coming to the promotion through The Information are currently being asked to complete their purchase on Bloomberg’s site.

At present, the ‘bundle’ expires after a year, with Bloomberg’s subscription page stating that the promotional pricing is only valid for one year, with the Bloomberg.com subscription being billed at $415 yearly after the first year is up.

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