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IDG’s Michael Friedenberg on driving a major media brand forward

In this week’s episode, we talk to IDG’s CEO Michael Friedenberg about how IDG has managed to consistently stay ahead of the curve, the future of display advertising and changing revenue breakdowns within the company.

In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss Apple’s in-browser autoplay-blocking following a similar move by Google last week, the launch of News UK’s new ‘vertical video studio’ and two significant new publisher additions to Snapchat Discover. Chris attempts to guess the election results.

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Owain Rich on the opportunities and challenges of VR storytelling

In this week’s episode, we talk to Owain Rich, co-creator of the Trafficked VR experience, about the opportunities and challenges that come with making a VR film. Topics of discussion include the challenges of distribution of VR content, how to create immersive audio, and what form monetisation of VR should take.

In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss Apple News’ appointment of an editor in chief, a plethora of original video plans, and Facebook’s sop to publishers over its Instant Articles.

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The New European’s editor Matt Kelly on bravery and business models

In this week’s episode, The New European’s editor Matt Kelly discusses the respective strengths of right- and left-wing rhetoric, the ephemeral nature of pop-up publishing, and what it means for the paper to have been rewarded with four prizes at the British Media Awards last week.

In the news round-up Chris and the newly-married Esther discuss Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook’s race to own video, newspaper owners’ desperate pleas for advertisers to come back to print and Airbnb’s new print partnership with Hearst. In our new regular feature ‘Who Hath Blighted The Consumer This Week’ we discuss whether anyone really needs an IoT-enabled salt shaker.


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Bauer’s head of ePublishing Jim Foster on native app strategy

In the latest episode of TheMediaBriefing, Bauer’s head of ePublishing Jim Foster takes us through the publisher’s app and distributed publishing strategies and provides a look back at how the company went from having no apps to considering one for each publication. Chris and Esther try not to sound too incredulous when he describes a time in magazine publishing when the market could support multiple magazines about carp.

In the news round-up Chris and Esther discuss a £300m bad week for Johnston Press, the News Integrity Initiative and De Correspondent’s attempt to crack the states.

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The Times’ Joseph Stashko on building a great newsletter strategy

In this second edition of TheMediaBriefing’s 2017 podcast series, we hear from The Times’ and Sunday Times’ newsletters editor Joseph Stashko about the past, present and future of publishers’ newsletter strategies and how they can support a commercial proposition. Also, Chris and Esther hesitantly try to pronounce a lot of names of European companies and segue into a discussion about comment sections.