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Cosmopolitan UK’s Farrah Storr on Snapchat and representation

In this week’s edition of TheMediaBriefing, Esther talks to Cosmopolitan UK’s editor-in-chief Farrah Storr about the brand’s Snapchat success, whether women’s magazines have a duty to be representative of an entire gender, and what the magazine might look like in the future.

In the news roundup Chris and Esther discuss Snap Inc’s disappointing results, El Pais’ plans partnership with Amazon to deliver a print product in under two hours and why Amazon Prime is launching a live concert division. An argument ensues over who owns the MediaBriefing office crown (not a metaphor).

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The Ethical Journalism Network’s director Aidan White on publishers, platforms and fake news

In this episode of TheMediaBriefing, we speak to the director of the Ethical Journalism Network Aidan White about publishers, platforms and fake news, before hearing about the ongoing problems for self-regulation in China and the pressures on journalists and publishers outside of the UK.

In the news round-up, Chris and Esther discuss YouTube TV, Oculus Rift’s latest price drop, NRK’s latest experiment in saving the comments section and try not to talk about the new Zelda for at least five minutes to no avail.

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Facebook’s head of news partnerships Nick Wrenn on fake news, journalism and live video

Facebook dominates any conversation about media in 2017. Whether it’s an examination of its role in disseminating journalism, its status as a vector for ‘fake news’ or its position as one of the digital advertising duopoly, it’s an unmissable feature of the media landscape. In this episode of TheMediaBriefing we speak to Facebook’s head of news partnerships EMEA Nick Wrenn to discuss those issues and how they affect the publisher-platform relationship.

In the news roundup, Chris and Esther discuss the NYT-Spotify bundle, magazine circulations and try in vain not to enjoy the Daily Mail vs. Wikipedia grudge match. Sign up to our podcast on iTunes here.

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Glamour’s Jo Elvin on a modern magazine’s role in society

In the latest, entirely¬†Trump-free podcast, we hear from Glamour UK’s editor in chief Jo Elvin on its recent format change and price drop, its enduring place in the minds of its readers and how the magazine and society are reciprocal reflections of one another. In the news round-up, Chris and Esther talk Guardian rumours, print closures (we don’t seek these out, we swear!) and the latest skirmish in the Facebook-Snapchat war.