Over the last few years, the advertising and publishing industries have been on a crusade to reinvent ad tech, spurred by everything from breaks in the value chain, changing publisher priorities, the availability of new tech solutions, international legislation and more. There’s a sense that ad tech is transitioning to a more mature form; one that’s more equitable to all parties involved. At the same time, high-profile instances of data misuse mean that user privacy is riding high on the industry’s agendas.

In this special Conversations episode of Media Voices, Chris is joined by co-founder and CEO of Permutive Joe Root, and Dennis Publishing’s Head of Programmatic and Audience Data Alex Kirby. They discuss the realities of user privacy in 2019, whether publishers can turn trends to their advantage, and the tech solutions that add value to the entire ecosystem, and not just the vendors.

See the full transcript here.

This episode of Media Voices is sponsored by Permutive, the data management platform built for publishers. Permutive enables publishers to increase their data driven advertising revenue and make revenue diversification a reality, whilst keeping user privacy at the heart of its technology. Some of Permutive’s customers include BuzzFeed, Business Insider, The Economist, Condé Nast International, Immediate Media and Burda Forward.

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