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How AI will alter media

The AI effect

Early thoughts on publishing after the robots take over


I spent a fair amount of time today talking and thinking about AI and automation in media and it’s always nicely validating to know Brian Morrissey has been thinking about the same sort of stuff. His latest newsletter is devoted to his early thoughts on how AI will alter media.

Brian thinks SEO will be a mess and he is less than optimistic about the future of human marketing copywriters. As someone who spends some of my time writing content marketing, I can definitely imagine how a robot might do some of the stuff I do, if not better, then faster and cheaper.

However, he sees an upside for humanity – AI will put a premium on the human connection. He says: “Publishers that have both human connections and the ability to convene a community will be far more valuable.” The same goes for human reporters finding out things others don’t know. I’m desperately hoping podcast interviewers fit into that category.

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Retention dominates subscription strategy

Retention is top strategic priority for 68% of subscription businesses: Publisher insights from F…

New report presents key macro trends and predictions about the subscription economy. It underlines that retention is a top priority and shares the most effective strategies bein…


Underlining our lead newsletter story yesterday, a new report presenting key macro trends and predictions about the subscription economy highlights retention as a top priority for publishers. It shares the most effective strategies being used by subscription businesses across multiple industries and includes comment from report partners FT Strategies.

Voice-note newsletter reaches US Somali community

Sahan Journal is using voice-note newsletters to reach Somalis in Minnesota

“We wanted the questions and feedback and the insights of Somalis to be at the center.”


I don’t get friends sending me voice notes… just call FFS! However, for a publisher trying to reach and engage a community, I get it. Sending a voice-note newsletter helps Sahan Journal and Somali TV reach its audience in Minnesota – home to the largest Somali population in the United States – directly instead of relying on social media.

 Public criticism and legal challenges grow

Europe turns on TikTok

CEO Shou Zi Chew meets with the EU’s top digital policymaker in Brussels amid a growing chorus of public criticism and legal challenges.


Used to getting a bit of a kicking in the US, TikTok’s Chinese management is now bracing for a similarly rough ride in Europe. Fears about children’s safety and reports that TikTok spied on journalists using their IP locations are fueling a backlash against the video-sharing app used by more than 250 million Europeans (but not me).

Throwback podcast

We’re back on Monday with a new episode, but if you’re looking for something to listen to over the weekend, this was my favourite episode from the Media Moments 2022 season. Joining us this episode to discuss the biggest newsletter trends of 2022 was Mark Stenberg, Senior Media Reporter at AdWeek in New York, and he had some excellent thoughts on the whole newsletter debate.

How publisher newsletter strategies evolved throughout 2022

We’re joined by Mark Stenberg to explore newsletter trends, from worldwide readership to how creators are driving publisher strategies.



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