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Will Murdoch snap up the Spectator?


Will Murdoch snap up the Spectator?

Rupert Murdoch has expressed an interest in the Spectator, for which he is said to be willing to stump up £70 million.

The New European’s media gossip Mandrake is speculating on Rupert Murdoch adding the Spectator to his evil media empire. The right-wing weekly is part of the bundle that went on the block when the Barclay’s $1 billion debt went bad.

Here’s the interesting thing. Mandrake says The Spectator’s editor, Fraser Nelson, has made it clear that if any future owners do not meet with his approval, he will quit, take his team with him and set up a rival right-wing weekly of his own. I don’t know if he approves of Rupert or not, but I’m happy to hope he doesn’t.

I don’t particularly share Mr Nelson’s politics, but he has turned the Spectator into something of a success story (especially compared with its last but one editor). The idea of him leaving and setting up in competition to Rupe, or even better The Lord Rothermere would be the best media news for a long time.


Former Fox executives on helping build ‘disinformation machine’

A trio of former Fox executives said in a joint statement Wednesday that they are disappointed in themselves for helping build up the corporation.

For anyone feeling the need to strike out against the Murdoch media machine, this story is perfect. A trio of former Fox executives has said in a joint statement that they are disappointed in themselves for helping build up the ‘the disinformation machine’ that they think Fox has become. We’re disappointed too guys.


Writing guidelines for the role of AI in your newsroom?

What’s okay when it comes to AI in the production of news? Here’s how 21 international newsrooms have laid out their own policies and plans.

Writing guidelines for the role of AI in your newsroom? Here are some, er, guidelines for that

If you’re thinking about writing some guidelines for how to use AI in your organisation, Nieman Lab’s got your back. This post dives into a list of newsroom guidelines that have already been shared. It describes some of the themes and patterns and then suggests some guidelines for creating guidelines.


Channel 4 Posts $1.47 billion revenues

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 has posted robust revenues of £1.14 billion for 2022, only 2% down from last year’s record £1.2 billion.

Sorry Nadine, looks like Channel 4 is going to last way longer than your peer(age)less stint in government, assuming you do ever actually resign. The UK broadcaster posted ‘robust revenues’ for 2022 with one third coming from streams other than traditional linear advertising. Non-advertising income rose to account for over 10% of total revenues.

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