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Don’t believe the GPT-4 is a poor replacement for journalists

Media execs weigh risks, challenges of generative AI – DCN

Six challenges that media outlets face around AI tools, from the misuse of AI to generate misinformation, errors and accuracy, to job losses.


There was a fun – if concerning – trend on Media Twitter yesterday of demonstrating why Chat GPT-4 is still extremely unsuited to the discipline of journalism. In fact, it made so many mistakes and excuses that you could be forgiven for mistaking its output for Boris Johnson’s own pretensions at being a journalist. But as this article for DCN makes clear, there are benefits for media companies to using generative AI – provided it’s approached as a tool and not a miracle:

“Currently, there are some practical concerns for digital media companies and large questions still to be answered, according to Bloomberg’s [Julia] Beizer. She questions how the advancement of these tools will affect relationships: “If we use AI in our own content creation, how should we disclose that to users to gain their trust?”

Look. Let’s not kid ourselves that media execs aren’t going to try to use generative AI to cut costs. But the industry has been using AI for many years, and even the impressive step change to GPT-4 doesn’t alter the fact that human journalists will always be required for the most important aspects of news-gathering.

21% of Fox News viewers trust network less after Dominion texts

21% of Fox News Viewers Trust Network Less After Texts Revealed in Dominion Lawsuit: Survey

More than a fifth of Fox News Channel viewers are less trusting of the cable network in the wake of publicly disclosed text messages and emails from Fox executives and on-air pe…



The only disappointing thing about this news is that the figure isn’t higher. If you claim to be a news business but make misleading your audience a central tenet of your strategy then you deserve to be mistrusted. Let’s just hope the same happens to the other Murdoch-owned titles around issues like Brexit.

Dotdash Meredith pens Pinterest partnership

Dotdash Meredith Pens Pinterest Partnership, Joining Condé Nast and Tastemade

The publisher will produce vertical video for the platform, which aims to increase its inventory


Happy to share this one – not just because it’s from our friend Mark Stenberg – but because it’s about an under-prioritised platform. I’ve written about Pinterest’s strong ecommerce proposition before, but Mark’s article makes it clear that the interest-based platform is a key partner for publishers’ ecommerce ambitions.

How ad buyers are handling video podcast inventory

‘Mini gold rush’: How ad buyers are handling video podcast inventory

With the recent fervor around video podcasts, buyers discuss the opportunities for brands and how they are organizing investment teams to manage the crossover from audio to video.


I’m forever telling Peter and Esther that we need to do video podcasts. Hopefully this article from Digiday explaining the sheer amount of cash money that’s going into the associated ad formats will help sell them on it. That said – as a bald man all I need to do is throw on a jumper and make sure my beard is trimmed, while I know the two of them will want makeup artists on call 24/7 and perms for every episode, so maybe it’s best we stick to audio for now…

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An ‘online attention recession’? Let’s be blunt about Reach’s sites

Reach may produce some good journalism, but its push for pageviews at all costs and a garbage web experience are causing it immeasurable long-term harm.


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The Publisher Newsletter Awards, run by the Media Voices team, has opened entries for the inaugural year of the awards.


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