The internet is awash with breaking news, analysis, deep dives and hot takes on the media industry. But there’s little on offer to help sort through the sheer volume of stories to get to what really matters for those who spend each day working in media and publishing businesses. 

We want to help solve that. Each week, Peter, Esther and Chris filter through hundreds of articles and newsletters to put together a succinct weekly news roundup for the podcast. 

We now want to put that work to use in a short morning newsletter that brings you the top three or four news stories that matter most to you as a media or publishing professional, alongside our thoughts on why they matter.

This daily roundup will highlight key stories on platforms, magazines, subscriptions, publications, political developments and anything else that will impact the direction of our industry, for better or worse.

We’re just a few weeks in, and would love you to be one of our early subscribers. You can see a sample of our issues here.

Finally, we’re also releasing a Saturday edition called ‘My Media Roundup’, guest-edited by friends of the podcast and leading industry analysts. If you’d be interested in guest-editing an edition, simply reply to one of our daily editions and we’ll be in touch.

Sign up here and please share – we still rely hugely on word of mouth to grow from friends of Media Voices.

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