To celebrate our 100th episode, we’re doing a live recording in London, featuring guests from top UK publishers. Here’s how you can join us.

From testing our first episode in echoing offices in November 2016 as theMediaBriefing podcast, to going independent and rebranding as the Media Voices Podcast almost two years ago, we’re proud to have reached 100 episodes.

To celebrate, we’re recording our 100th episode with a live audience in London on May 2nd, featuring four brilliant guests: EMPIRE’s Editor in Chief Terri White, The Week’s Chief Executive Kerin O’Connor, PinkNews’ Head of Platforms Ellen Stewart, and Bibblio’s founder Mads Holmen.

This special episode will see us and our guests discuss the topic: ‘How do publishers maintain their brand value in a world of distributed content?’ Distributed content is a double edged sword for publishers. On one hand, social reach promises audiences at a scale never before imagined. On the other, control of content and revenue can can get lost in the social swirl. Is it possible to maintain brand values and still benefit from the scale delivered by distributed content models?

Whether you’re a dedicated listener or have only just discovered us, we’d still love to welcome you along to our event at The Space, 30 Dukes Place, London on Thursday May 2nd at 6.30pm. We can promise drinks, cupcakes and insightful discussion from our panelists, all framed in our signature Media Voices style.

Although the event is free, we do need you to RSVP to make sure there are enough drinks – sign up here.

With thanks to our event partner Bibblio, and our media partner What’s New in Publishing

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