Back in March, we got together with 250 publishing and media professionals to celebrate the brilliant podcasts they are producing, whether it’s to test the waters with audio capabilities, reach audiences in new ways, and find sustainable revenue streams.

Sadly not all of the 77 shortlisted podcasts could win. Our team of 30 expert judges spent Christmas and New Year listening to a range of podcasts, from episodes on cooking the perfect roasted potatoes to series on male mental health, and even podcasts for kids!

The 12 category winners were podcasts of the highest standard, and are a strong example for any publisher looking to get into or up their own podcasting game. Our aim here at Media Voices and with the Publisher Podcast Awards is to promote best practice in podcasting, so our own Peter Houston has spent the last few months interviewing all the winners to find out exactly what goes into making an award-winning podcast.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing an interview each Wednesday with one of the winners. These have been carefully edited to give you the most important insights and takeaways in a concise, 15-minute episode.

Each episode will be posted below as it goes live.

New: The Atlantic’s Katherine Wells

The winner of the 2020 Publisher Podcast Awards Technology category and our Publisher Podcast of the Year 2020 was Crazy/Genius from The Atlantic. Executive producer Katherine Wells says talk to writers and editors for new podcast ideas and train your writers to be talkers. Remember your listeners aren’t necessarily your readers, make your brand values clear and consistent.

Digiday Podcast’s Brian Morrissey

The winner of the 2020 Publisher Podcast Awards B2B category was the Digiday Podcast. Digiday President, editor-in-chief and podcast host Brian Morrissey says build your podcast around what you do best, but be adaptable. Be clear on the job your podcast does for your business; think of it as a feature of your brand, not as a separate product.

See the edited transcript of highlights from the interview here.

Pilot TV Podcast’s Terri White

The winner of the 2020 Publisher Podcast Awards Entertainment category was the Pilot TV Podcast from Bauer Media. Editor-in-chief Terri White says podcasts are integral to a publishing brand and need a clear, easy to understand proposition. But, don’t be scared to evolve and don’t forget the long term goal of making money.

See the edited transcript of highlights from the interview here.

Coming up next week: Immediate Media’s Dave Musgrove on History Extra

Edited highlights (articles):

Could your podcast be the next award-winner? Entries for 2021’s Publisher Podcast Awards are now open until 27th November 2020. Visit the website to see the categories and subscribe to updates.


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