Digital advertising has never delivered on its potential for publishers. Crowded ecosystems, a break in the value chain between creator and audience, and the prioritisation of direct reader revenue all demand the question ‘is advertising more hassle than it’s worth?’

To answer that question we’ve put together an expert panel of Raoul Monks, co-founder of Flume Training; Fergus Gregory, Group Commercial Director at global marketing-media powerhouse The Drum; and our own host Chris Sutcliffe. The three discuss how consumer-facing advertising has changed over the past decade, how that has impacted the buying and selling of advertising, and whether technology can solve the problems it helped to cause.

This Media Voices Special is sponsored by Flume Training. Flume believe the way clients buy has completely shifted and what works in sales has completely changed. They help media businesses drive sales performance through their high impact training, coaching & consultancy.

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