In this very special live episode of Media Voices the team discuss the future of free media in front of an audience at Magfest ’18, the UK’s premiere magazine-focused event. On stage in the far-flung city of Edinburgh, the team are joined by Mike Soutar, chairman of ShortList Media Limited, and Radio Times Editor Mark Frith to discuss the fate of free magazines.

The flip side of the publishing sector’s ‘pivot to paid content’ is the threat to free media.

With distribution costs cut to zero, digital media growth has been driven by aggressive, ad-funded business models for decades. But the last couple of years have brought serious questions around the sustainability of content paid for by advertising. Increasingly interruptive formats, insidious ad targeting and data breaches are turning consumers off, while publishers have to tackle ad fraud, poor viewability and display revenues stalled under the thumb of the duopoly.

So, are the days of free media numbered?

We’d like to extend our thanks to Magfest for inviting us to speak – for the three of us it was validation of Media Voices’ journey to this point, and hearing from the other fantastic guests has given us plenty of ideas for future episodes! Visit for more information.

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