We’re delighted to be launching the 2022 edition of Media Moments on 30th November, thanks to this year’s sponsors, Poool.

Media Moments 2022 will bring together the key events which have shaped the media and publishing industry this year, from the boom and bust cycles of the advertising market to news fatigue, the increasing prominence of climate coverage, and the impact of shifting trust.

It will also explore why now is a more positive time for local news outlets, how publishers have grown subscribers through newsletters and podcasts, and the crash in expectations of emerging technologies such as the metaverse and NFTs.

The report release will be marked with a virtual launch event on Wednesday 30th November at 4pm GMT – more details to be confirmed soon.

If you’d like to receive the report as soon as it’s released and more information about the launch event, sign up below.

Your details will be used to send you the Media Moments 2022 report as soon as it’s released, as well as information about the launch event, future Media Moments reports and Poool communications. Please note Poool and Media Voices are joint data controllers for Media Moments 2022 activities.

Media Moments 2022 is sponsored by Poool, the all-in-one Membership and Subscription Suite for digital publishers to convert, manage and retain their members and subscribers.

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