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Sky News issues apology after calling protesters mourners
Sky News issues apology after calling protesters

It was strange coming back into the UK to see wall-to-wall coverage of the Queen’s death. From electronic billboards to the newsstand, if you didn’t know the Queen had died before you got to the UK, you definitely would by the time you left the airport.

The level of coverage is understandable, but there’s a hint of hysteria that has me thinking maybe everyone just needs to take a breath. This story about Sky News illustrates just how damaging it can be to see everything through the lens of the Queen’s passing.

As thousands of people marched to protest the death of father-to-be Chris Kaba, 24, who was shot dead on Monday by a police officer, a Sky News anchor said of the crowd: “They’ll work their way up the Mall, very slowly, meeting new friends along the way, talking about their journey here, their memories of the Queen, their good wishes for the new King.”

The channel has apologised, but after causing how much bad feeling?

How Bristol managed to survive the crisis in local news
How Bristol managed to survive the crisis in local

Not sure about the ‘news deserts’ take in the lead of this Press Gazette story – the UK is not the US – but the coverage of the Bristolian news scene is really interesting. That a city of half a million people can support a daily newspaper and website, investigative news title The Bristol Cable, and a series of niche news titles is cheering to say the least. And it’s really nice to read about media happenings outside the M25.

Newsday used graphics, video, and a 6-foot dog to gain digital subscribers
Newsday used graphics, video, and a 6-foot dog to gain digital

Across the water in New Jersey, not Cardiff, news site Newsday has been listening to its readers and doubled subscribers coming from its social media channels. It has also managed to monetise its video and captured the attention of younger audiences on TikTok with a six foot dog (I’m assuming it’s someone in a dog suit). This piece from INMA lays out the highlights.

Print price hikes force deeper focus on digital revenues
Print price hikes force deeper focus on digital

Just in case anyone is getting all giddy at the opportunities out there in publisherland, here’s a wee piece I did on print price hikes. Increases of 30% and more have put real pressure on legacy publishers. Although many are optimistic that deeper digital transition can recover profits, it’s going to take a while.

We’ve been testing a number of podcast editing tools recently and have settled for Hindenburg, a professional-grade audio editing system made for simplicity, speed and agility. It’s built for podcasts and audio storytelling, with lots of features like auto levelling which help streamline the process. But don’t take our word for it: try it out for yourself! This link will get you an extended three month trial of Hindenburg PRO for business.

[#Ad, but genuinely, we love Hindenburg]

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Media Moments 2022
Media Moments

Media Moments 2022 – sponsored by membership & subscription suite Poool – will bring together the key events which have shaped the media and publishing industry this year. We’ll be launching it at a virtual event on November 30th. Pre-register here to get sent the report as soon as it lands.

The Publisher Podcast Summit 2022
The Publisher Podcast Summit

In this teaser episode, we discuss our plans for the day, and which sessions we’re most looking forward to. The Publisher Podcast Summit is designed for publishers of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re contemplating launching your first podcast, or have a whole stable and want to know how to take your strategy to the next level.

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