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As AI advances continue to disrupt the way we work, there are many questions from news and media organisations: What will be the impact of AI on audience expectations? How can we maintain trust in our news content in the AI era?

Reuters sheds light on these questions in an exclusive report: Powering Trusted News with AI: Navigating the present and shaping the future.

The report explores the role of AI in news and journalism and offers practical advice on how AI can help streamline your processes.

With democracy on the ballot, the mainstream press must change its ways

The American press is failing to adequately emphasize the stakes of the coming election


I’m nervous, I’m very nervous. Following the Capitol riots I was convinced that the press in general had learned a lesson about covering candidates who make denigrating the media a central tenet of their campaigns. Surely, surely, surely another Trump wouldn’t be possible, simply because we’ve all learned that lesson the hard way.

Well, no, at least not according to Margaret Sullivan: “The big problem is that the mainstream media wants to be seen as non-partisan – a reasonable goal – and bends over backwards to accomplish this. If this means equalizing an anti-democratic candidate with a pro-democracy candidate, then so be it.”

Bloody hell. Let’s leave aside the fact that objectivity isn’t possible — and shouldn’t even be striven for when one candidate makes racism and discrimination their main appeal. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that pursuing that approach was exactly what let Trump bash the press the first time. You can’t appease people who hate journalists through giving up ground, so this time round let’s not even try.


What can LinkedIn do for journalists?

The professional networking platform has introduced collaborative articles and the Community Top Voices feature to boost your online reputation

Always great to read some practical advice for how journalists can use a social network more effectively — particularly when it’s a remit for my new role! As this article explains (and I sort-of wrote about last year) LinkedIn has been steadily building out tools for journalists for years now. The Juliana Chan example is particularly enlightening.

Do you use LinkedIn for journalism — whether that’s to boost your profile though community posts or just to slyly keep an eye on job moves? Please, for the love of god, tell me how to do it more betterer in our new community forum!


BBC ‘urgently looking into issues raised’ by Russell Brand allegations

Corporation says accusations span a number of years, including 2006 to 2008, when comedian worked for Radio 2

Much to think about following the airing of Dispatches and the accompanying Times & Sunday Times article — not least how Brand appears to have been able to prey on young women in plain sight for years. It’ll be the scantest comfort for his victims, but it’s good that investigations are now underway at organisations that previously employed him. Light is the best disinfectant, no matter how painful.


Toronto Star owner cutting 600 jobs at regional papers

The corporate parent of the Toronto Star is putting its regional newspaper business into bankruptcy protection and axing about 600 jobs in the process.

Ah, ****. For what little it’s worth i.e. absolutely nothing in practical terms, our thoughts go out to the journalists and other staff involved in this latest nightmare. “The media industry continues to face existential challenges, largely because digital tech giants have used their dominant positions to take the vast majority of the advertising revenue in Canada,” the company said in a statement.

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