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Reasons to be cheerful: Four areas digital publishing is positively thriving

There’s no question digital publishing is confronted by enormous challenges and deep, continuous disruption (here’s looking at you, AI). But commensurate


I’m going to kick off the week with a positive piece – very fitting given the UK has had a dusting of snow, our tree is up despite my toddler’s best attempts, and the first mulled wine of the season has been sipped. The Association of Online Publishers MD Richard Reeves has set out four reasons to be cheerful as we close out 2023.

What struck me reading through is how so many of the challenges the industry has faced over the past five or so years has acted as a bit of a refiner’s fire. Cultivating loyal audiences, increased collaboration, better quality content and sustainable diversification have all come from working through tougher times.

“Today, people working in digital publishing have a broader perspective on their organisations and the wider industry, how their work contributes to the success of both, and what they can do to affect change,” Reeves points out in his conclusion. Happy Monday!


How The Guardian continues to drive print revenues through subscriptions

The Guardian has maintained its subscription growth in print while also growing its digital revenues and audience, which now has 81 million unique monthly visitors globally.

More good news! The Guardian’s publishing director Mylene Sylvestre told a recent WAN-IFRA Summit about how they’ve managed to keep print subscriptions at a stable level, despite wider structural decline of national newspapers in the UK. Their top strategy? Investing time and money in investigative journalism.


Native mobile apps put news publishers in control of content and their futures

Mobile apps are now used more than mobile web browsers. eMarketer estimated that in 2022, the average American spent over four hours a day on mobile devices, and over 90% of that time spent was using a mobile app.

Some interesting points about increased engagement from app users on here, although as we’ve said before, apps are an excellent way of building habits with superfans rather than reaching tonnes of new readers. As the cost of building apps continues to come down and people seem to be getting fed up of social media, I do wonder if that window of opportunity is opening up again for some publishers.


So who are the consistent news avoiders?

“No single variable is more predictive of whether someone consistently avoids news than their level of interest in politics and civic affairs.”

So who are the consistent news avoiders?

I’d definitely classify myself as a news avoider now (something we’ve spoken about in our community recently) so this was an absolutely fascinating read. Three in five news avoiders are women, and mothers in particular have said they avoid the news because it feels like an endless cycle of doom and gloom. One thing they didn’t talk about was the impact of Covid, which I feel was the starting point for my own avoidance after basically binging the news constantly. Anyway, that’s one for another time.

What website ad structure would you recommend for a B2B site? One of our community members is finding their current structure isn’t working, and they’re considering selling display banner ads on a CPM basis. What do other B2B and niche online publishers do, and how do they calculate a rate that works for all parties? Come and share your advice on our forum.

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