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80% of publishers saw a decline in Google related search traffic last year

Discover the reasons behind these declines and learn how publishers are addressing them in Digiday and Arc XP’s “The State of Publisher Traffic: Framing the Evolution and Impact of Search and Referral in 2024” report!

Sponsored by Arc XP, Digiday surveyed 115 publishers to explore key questions like:

  • How are publishers navigating the evolving terrain of search and referral traffic?

  • What changes have publishers witnessed in traffic patterns, and how have they adapted?

  • What strategies are leading publishers employing to tackle emerging challenges?


‘The disruption is already happening!’ Is AI about to ruin your favourite TV show?

It won’t be long till everything from Drag Race to Keeping Up With the Kardashians could be written without humans – and you might be able to write yourself as the hero of a new show. But will robot TV ever be up to snuff?

Time was when we’d say that the battle between adblockers and publishers was an arms race. And there was a time where we’d say that the relationship between publishers and platforms was a race to establish value. Well, now the tech arms race and push to prove value have coalesced around AI — and this time journalists have allies.

Artists can extremely precious when it comes to ownership of and denigration of their work. Just look at the endless strikes in the US designed to limit the impact of AI with the potential to replace actors. As the article linked above demonstrates, that’s now extending to the writing side of TV and films as well — and that’s bound to have implications for journalists too.

That said, it’s easier said than done to prove that AI hasn’t been trained on and then ripped off your work as a writer or artist. The tool Glaze (great name) has been hit by a series of attacks designed to undermine its mission to protect the original work of the artists and creators that use it. It’s surely only a matter of time before we see similar attempts — and counterattempts — from the world’s biggest publishers.


Livestreaming, explainer videos and newsletters: Overnight election coverage with three new media companies

“It makes the all-nighter worth it”: Journalists at Novara Media, TLDR News, and The Edinburgh and London Minute talk about sacrificing sleep to cover the UK general election and give their audience something interesting to wake up to

The Tories are out and there’s a lot of examination to be done of whether the right-leaning tabloids have lost what soft power they had left. But, in the meantime, here’s a fantastic look at how three media companies covered the election in as-close-to real time as is humanly possible — and added some real value to their audiences as they did so.


Can Murdoch’s Tubi repeat its US success as it launches in the UK?

Ad-funded streamer wades into market with offering it says will appeal to those underserved by rivals

All I know about Tubi is that it’s a respository of the absolute worst horror movies of all time, the sort of self-distributed schlock that would never find a home elsewhere, because it’s bottom of the barrel trash produced in volume. Murdoch stock in trade, then.


Why print won’t lie down and die

If you read The Grub Street Journal’s ‘Walking Dead’ issue you’ll know that the first Ghostbusters movie is 40 years old.

If you didn’t know, Peter has a bee in his bonnet about the idea that ‘print is dead’. Of course, like any format — even cassettes! — it still has its place. In this article (which doesn’t once mention Zuul) Peter explains why the idea is so ubiquitous, but also misinformed.

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What the Publisher Podcast Awards finalists show about podcasting in 2024

From our work coordinating the awards, drawing up the shortlists and adjudicating in the case of a couple of very close categories, here are some of the things we’ve noticed about the state of publisher podcasts in 2024.


Setting the tone in podcasts and newsletters

In Charlotte Henry’s latest ‘Lessons from the creator economy’ column, she explains why publishers across the board are struggling to find the balance between professionalisation and informality.

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