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The Happy Journalist’s Jacqui Merrington on why she’s optimistic about AI and journalism

Jacqui takes us through the reasons she’s optimistic about journalists using AI, how newsrooms can go about implementing it sustainably, and what best (and worst) practice looks like in 2023.


On this week’s episode, Esther and Chris were joined by Jacqui Merrington, who has her own Substack The Happy Journalist focused on showcasing how new tech can be used positively in journalism. Most recently she led one of the first generative AI experiments at Reach as well as devising and leading a project aimed at developing new business models for their smallest local sites using AI, interactive content formats and newsletters.

Jacqui takes us through the reasons she’s optimistic about journalists using AI, how newsrooms can go about implementing it sustainably, and what best (and worst) practice looks like in 2023.

“We’re used to disruption,” she says. “We can be early adopters. And I think if journalists feel that AI is a tool that can empower them, and they’ve got a place in the world to help others navigate the change that AI brings to the world, then I think that puts us in quite a good place.”


How to beat AI, draw in your audience and make money with podcasts

In a very crowded field, it takes constant change (and sometimes a gamble) to make it in podcasting.

Chris Stone, executive producer of audio and video at the New Statesman, shares advice frequently and freely on how to make audio and video work. In this piece from Mx3, he talks about how over the last three months he has ‘taken a risk’ and shaken up the New Statesman’s award-winning podcast strategy. His big move was consolidating three podcast feeds into one and launching a regular listeners’ questions episode.


Is programmatic advertising easier than partnership?

New buying tools are transforming podcast advertising, but they’re not a silver bullet

Our Chris has been writing for Podpod about the ups and downs of podcast programmatic advertising. He says investment in the tech that allows for dynamic insertion of audio ads has made programmatic a significant part of the media mix. However, the need for more education about podcast advertising in general means there are obstacles to overcome.

From our community forum: With the headline switch off Mark Alker from Singletrack magazine doesn’t think he’ll be wasting any more time on X. What are your thoughts on staying on X?


New Sunday paper launches in France amid spotlight on media ownership

La Tribune Dimanche goes on sale in landscape of declining print sales, culture wars and scrutiny of billionaire proprietors.

Another newsletter, another print launch ????. This time it’s the first new print newspaper in France for 10 years. La Tribune Dimanche is a new Sunday paper mixing news, regional reporting, culture and lifestyle content. It enters a market where France’s only standalone Sunday paper, Le Journal du Dimanche, has been radically overhauled following a takeover by the conservative Catholic billionaire Vincent Bolloré. Fingers cross for Lat Tribune.

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