Media Makers Meet (Mx3) and Media Voices are collaborating on a new event focused on developments and opportunities in AI for publishers and media leaders.

Mx3 AI is a one-day event held at Colours Hoxton, London on 7th December 2023, to be followed by festive networking drinks. It is an intimate, conversation-led event exclusively for business leaders across media and media tech. To foster an environment where discussions can be productive, there are just 75 spaces available.

The programme, podcast and report will mainly feature leaders, practitioners and experts from the UK but with insights and ideas that can be applied to other markets, too.

The event will explore the impact of AI on media and media-tech, covering topics from marketing and monetisation to product, content and distribution, as well as a look at what the future could hold.

“Although there has been a huge explosion of interest in AI this year following the release of ChatGPT, it’s important for the industry to keep both the opportunities and challenges in perspective,” said Media Voices and Publisher Podcast Awards co-founder Esther Kezia Thorpe. “We want this event to be focused on the practical applications of these technologies – which have been used successfully by publishers for some years – and to build a framework for media leaders to evaluate where AI tools can help their publishing businesses.”

The event marks the first collaboration by international media and intelligence network Media Makers Meet – Mx3, and B2B publisher and podcast Media Voices.  The team at Media Makers Meet – Mx3 (recently rebranded from Di5rupt) have several years of experience putting on industry-leading events such as FIPP World Media Congress, the Media Makers Meet series and other events and meetups.

The Media Voices team have been at the helm of the Media Voices Podcast for nearly seven years, and are also behind the Publisher Podcast and Publisher Newsletter Awards and Summits.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Media Voices, strengthening our overall offer to the market, including our partners at FIPP – Connecting Global Media.,” Media Makers Meet – Mx3 Co-Founder Cobus Heyl said. “We will build on the solid collaborative arrangement that existed over multiple years between What’s New in Publishing – which we acquired in April this year – and Media Voices.”

“The arrangement enables us to share content and expertise, serve our audiences better and provide a more substantial commercial portfolio with more choices along with FIPP’s products and services to the market. It includes events, podcasts, newsletters, reports and more.”

Tickets are strictly limited: see for more information, as well as speaker and sponsor opportunities.

Media Makers Meet – Mx3
Media Makers Meet – Mx3 is an international media and intelligence network for indie creators, consumer and B2B media companies, and media-tech and other industry service providers focused on engaging and enabling well-defined communities around enthusiast and professional topics of interest. See more here.

Media Voices
Media Voices is a B2B publishing brand focused on the business of media. We produce the weekly Media Voices Podcast, a daily newsletter, regular analysis, workshops, and our annual Media Moments report. See more here.

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