Media Voices has released a new report, Practical AI for Local Media. The report, sponsored by United Robots, explores the practical opportunities in AI for the industry. There is also an accompanying podcast documentary episode; Practical AI Podcast Special: Lessons from local media.

The hype surrounding generative AI is reaching fever pitch. You can find any number of DALL·E clones, ready and waiting to spit out images of dancing hamsters or ChatGPT text generators that can write anything from thank you notes to PHD theses.

The over-excited conversations around these magical algorithms are all about how they can conjure content from nothing, either saving media or threatening its very existence. Meanwhile, back in the real world, AI is helping local media organisations research, create and publish important and useful journalism every single day.

This report sidesteps the myths and misconceptions surrounding AI to find out what practical applications there really are for publishers. It will spotlight use cases from publishers including NTM Group, NRC Media, Stavanger Aftenblad and McClatchy who have used AI to turn massive structured datasets into local news reports, updates on local sports teams and the insights inside property listings.

Although the report is focused on local media organisations, the lessons from identifying use cases to implementation and ROI measurement are applicable for publishers of all shapes and sizes.

Find out how AI can help find the stories in massive datasets, taking care of the busy work to let reporters get back to adding value with commentary and analysis that even the cleverest AI just can’t deliver.

Practical AI for Local Media is now live. To access the report for free, please fill in the form below.

Your details will be used to send you the Practical AI report, as well as information about future Media Voices reports and United Robots communications. Please note United Robots and Media Voices are joint data controllers for this report.



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