Media Voices is a B2B publishing brand focused on the business of media. We produce the weekly Media Voices Podcast and a daily newsletter, as well as regular analysis, workshops, and our annual Media Moments report.

We take a no-BS approach to media analysis, offering a fun, frank and authoritative perspective on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing publishers today.

Podcast sponsorship is one of the main ways we fund our work and we carefully choose our partners to make sure they’re right for us and our audience. Our podcast options are below, but we also do Spotlight feature articles, newsletter adverts and reports as standalone products. Just drop peter [at] voices [dot] media a line for more information or if you’d like us to put together a proposal for you.

Podcast sponsorship menu:

All sponsored episodes feature opening and closing host reads of vendor promotions, as well as newsletter and web advertising.

Media Briefs – 10-minute interviews with company leaders, focused on problem solving for our publisher audience.

Conversations Episodes – 45-minute discussion around a single issue, typically featuring a vendor and one of their clients. Discussion facilitated by Media Voices host.

Documentaries – Narrated episode providing a deep dive into a single issue featuring multiple sources, usually including a representative of the client.

Season Sponsorship – 10-episode sponsorship of weekly podcasts with a top-and-tail sponsor message, plus branding on episode logo and pages.

Live Episode – ‘On stage’ session at event or narrated episode recorded on location, typically featuring multiple sources and providing an event overview.

Report & Podcast bundle – Sector report based on research interviews and/or secondary research, accompanied by a documentary episode highlighting the key findings of the report and featuring audio from interviews. Report sponsors share leads generated.

For our full sponsorship pack including audience reach, pricing and more, please fill out the below form or contact peter [at] voices [dot] media