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Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint on the great challenge of the Duopoly

Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next, the trade association for online publishers, takes us through the organisation’s aims and ambitions, why the Duopoly has skewed the playing field for digital publishers, and why it is vital that Google and Facebook can be held accountable for a lack of transparency.

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AOP MD Richard Reeves on supporting publishers online

This week, Richard Reeves, the Managing Director of the UK’s Association of Online Publishers (AOP) talks to us about the progress on their Ad Quality Charter, what the lack of barrier to entry to publishing online means for premium online publishers, and how Facebook and Google engage with the association’s member publishers. He also explains what he made of Jonah Peretti’s suggestion for a mega-merger of online publishers.

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The Death of Digital Special

In this very special episode of Media Voices, we discuss the conflux of news about BuzzFeed, VICE, Mashable and many more and ask whether the dream of a digital future for publishers is over before it began.

It’s Media Voices’ first birthday! The team briefly reminisce about the travails of launching the podcast, their favourite episodes, and their plans for the future.

One of those plans is to make Media Voices so good you have to listen to every single episode. The only way we can do that is if you tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what should be doing that we haven’t even thought about. Please take a few minutes, complete our survey, and tell us how we could make Media Voices better for you.

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