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LSE’s Charlie Beckett on Truth, Trust and Technology

In this week’s episode we hear from the London School of Economics’ professor Charlie Beckett about its Truth, Trust & Technology Commission, on the role of platforms in defining truth, whether media literacy is a good or a bad thing and whether we can still use the term “fake news” as a helpful definition.

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The Scottish Wedding Directory’s Chris Phin on switching niches and ads vs reader revenues

In this week’s episode of Media Voices, Peter talks to Chris Phin, Head of DC Thomson’s Scottish Wedding Directory, about the best ways to monetise a niche vertical and switching from tech journalism to covering the bridal scene.

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The Reuters Institute’s Nic Newman on bias, bullshit and lies in the news

In this week’s episode Nic Newman, Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, takes us through his and Dr. Richard Fletcher’s latest report, entitled ‘Bias, Bullshit and Lies: Audience Perspectives on Low Trust in the Media’.

In the news round-up, Peter and Esther discuss the pivot FROM video, BuzzFeed’s e-commerce proposition, and YouTube’s plans to eat the music industry. They begin with fully 30 seconds of snow puns.

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