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Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint on the great challenge of the Duopoly

Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next, the trade association for online publishers, takes us through the organisation’s aims and ambitions, why the Duopoly has skewed the playing field for digital publishers, and why it is vital that Google and Facebook can be held accountable for a lack of transparency.

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President of, Rachel White on funding independent journalism

On this week’s episode of Media Voices, Esther interviews the Guardian’s director of philanthropic & strategic partnerships Rachel White about finding ways of funding independent journalism.

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University of Oregon’s Damian Radcliffe on local journalism in the Pacific Northwest

In this week’s episode, the University of Oregon’s Carolyn S. Chambers professor in journalism Damian Radcliffe takes us through his latest report into local journalism in the Pacific Northwest.

In the news round-up, the gang discuss strict new NYT social media guidelines for journalism, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s statement on moderating news content, and whether publishers should ‘punish’ audiences who come in through social. We can’t stop making analogies; we’re like sharks who just have to keep swimming.

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