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DC Thomson’s Sally Hampton on why magazines have a bright future

This week, Sally Hampton, Consumer Magazines Publisher at DC Thomson talks about how she manages such a wide range of magazines, the biggest shifts she’s seen in print publishing, and a surprising new growth opportunity for niche Scottish titles. She also explains why she’s so optimistic about the future of magazine media.

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Lucy Kueng on how Silicon Valley has changed journalism

This episode, we hear from Lucy Kueng. She’s one of the go-to names for macro and micro industry analysis, a Google Digital News Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and has a tonne of other roles in the industry that allow her to see the bigger picture. We spoke about journalism’s perverse relationship with Silicon Valley, whether publications can make it across the Valley of Death, and how external pressures change internal newsroom structure.

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Corinne Podger on mobile journalism and digital storytelling

This week, Corinne Podger takes us through best practice in mobile journalism and digital storytelling, and how varying mobile consumption habits affect the journalism in different territories.

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The New Statesman’s digital editor Jasper Jackson on paywall strategy

In this week’s episode we hear from the New Statesman’s digital editor Jasper Jackson about the circumstances that led the popular current affairs magazine to launch a paywall, how the team decided on digital-only extras to lure potential subscribers across, and what the widespread adoption of paywalls says about the state of the news media.

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Media’s hopes and dreams for 2018

It’s safe to say that 2017 was a bit of a bumpy year for media organisations. From mass job cuts, ill-advised pivots and a growing outcry against the burgeoning duopoly, there’s no sign of the wave of digital disruption easing up on the industry.

In our bumper end-of-year special, we chewed over many of the issues that the past year has thrown up, interspersed with contributions from some of our past guests.

Rather than concoct yet another list of media predictions for 2018, we decided instead to ask some of the experts that have appeared on the podcast what they hope 2018 holds for the industry. All the responses below are included in the episode – give it a listen if you want to hear more about what each guest thought about the year gone by and what their own personal priorities are for 2018.

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Journalism lecturer Adam Tinworth on the tragedy of platform dependency

This week, visiting lecturer in digital journalism at City University Adam Tinworth takes us through the history of platform dependence. We look at the rise of the intermediary, the tragic loss of focus on building direct relationships, and even touch on Second Life.

In the news roundup, Chris and Peter discuss managing director of Times Newspapers Ltd Chris Duncan’s declaration that “no more than ten” global English-language news brands will survive from subscriptions, and puzzle over whether journalists should be involved in the marketing material for their newspapers. It’s a very sweary episode.

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