Media’s hopes and dreams for 2018

It’s safe to say that 2017 was a bit of a bumpy year for media organisations. From mass job cuts, ill-advised pivots and a growing outcry against the burgeoning duopoly, there’s no sign of the wave of digital disruption easing up on the industry.

In our bumper end-of-year special, we chewed over many of the issues that the past year has thrown up, interspersed with contributions from some of our past guests.

Rather than concoct yet another list of media predictions for 2018, we decided instead to ask some of the experts that have appeared on the podcast what they hope 2018 holds for the industry. All the responses below are included in the episode – give it a listen if you want to hear more about what each guest thought about the year gone by and what their own personal priorities are for 2018.

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Nieman fellow Katherine Goldstein on maternity culture in journalism

This week’s episode of Media Voices sees Esther speak to Nieman fellow Katherine Goldstein about what it will take to make journalism in the US friendlier to new mothers and maternity leave, following the publication of her article ‘Where are the mothers?

In the news round-up we talk about digital success at the Guardian and NYT, the ongoing pivot to video and the successful crowdfunding project to keep Snopes alive. Peter and Chris throw Esther under the bus rather than admit they were wrong about the Guardian’s membership scheme.

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