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Media Moments 2022 is live!
Media Moments 2022 is live!voices.media

After months of planning, research, writing and design, Chris, Peter and I are thrilled to finally be able to release this year’s Media Moments report. Over ten chapters, we bring together the key events which have shaped the media and publishing industry this year, from the boom and bust cycles of the advertising market to news fatigue, the increasing prominence of climate coverage, and the impact of shifting trust.

Yesterday afternoon we held a virtual launch event with BuzzFeed’s Caroline Fenner, AdWeek’s Stephen Lepitak and Poool’s Ludivine Paquet. The panel was fascinating and we could have asked so many more questions but ran out of time. If you missed it (or would like to hear it again), we’ll be releasing the audio as a Media Voices podcast episode next week.

You can download the report for free on our website. For the first time this year, we’re also offering briefing sessions and workshops on the report, answering questions and giving our thoughts on how these trends might be opportunities for your publishing business – we’ve put some more info just below the form.

Nat Geo's new editor lays out plan for social media dominance
Nat Geo’s new editor lays out plan for social media dominancewww.axios.com

National Geographic is the largest brand on social media with more than 340 million followers across all of its accounts on Instagram. Now though, they want to try and expand the company’s digital footprint to include more social video. NatGeo is a brand that was always going to do well on Insta with a history of stunning photography. Can they do the same with video?

Report: Women of colour 'effectively invisible' in UK and US news industries
Report: Women of colour ‘effectively invisible’ in UK and US news industriespressgazette.co.uk

Women of colour are “almost completely locked out” of the UK news industry making them “effectively invisible”, a new report has found. It notes that the disparity is a major opportunity for the global news industry as representation both in news coverage and newsrooms themselves would generate greater engagement from women worth “billions of dollars of additional revenue”.

The Washington Post wants to help readers live sustainably
The Washington Post wants to help readers live sustainably www.journalism.co.uk

I wish this had launched in time for our climate episode (see below), but it’s just missed the boat! A new climate department at WaPo will see 30 journalists write stories that empower people to make more eco-friendly lifestyle choices, targeting younger audiences.

This week’s podcast:

Collectives and activists drive a year of change around climate reporting
Collectives and activists drive a year of change around climate reportingvoices.media

For our final episode of this deep-dive season, we’re joined by Internews CEO Meera Selva to look at how climate coverage is coming to the forefront of publisher strategies, and how journalists are evolving the way they communicate climate issues with audiences.

Happy birthday to us!
Happy birthday to us!ko-fi.com

Our sixth birthday has slipped by (probably because we were up to our eyeballs in above report) so if you’d like to buy us a virtual birthday drink to celebrate six years of Media Voices, or even subscribe each month, we’d hugely appreciate it.

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