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Fox settles defamation lawsuit for $787,500,000

Dominion’s suit exposed how Fox damages democracy with its lies | Margaret Sullivan

The settlement, though disappointing, provides at least a measure of accountability


Truth matters… Lies have consequences‘. Those are the words of attorney Justin Nelson announcing that Fox and the voting equipment company Dominion had reached a $787.5 million settlement in their defamation lawsuit. Financial consequences, yes. But how nice would it have been to watch Murdoch and his truth-twisting minions squirm on that stand?

As Maggie Sullivan described it in this Guardian piece, for a moment of Tuesday, it looked like the impossible was actually going to happen, “The corrosive lies of Fox News would go on trial, Rupert Murdoch would be forced to the witness stand, and positive societal change might result.”

Alas, the media mogul paid his way off the hook again and his ‘news’ company issued a classic Doublethink statement, saying the settlement reflected its “continued commitment to the highest journalistic standards”.

*Don’t be too sad, Smartmatic is after Fox for £2.7 billion in another suit likely to be held next year.

“We must take responsibility for what readers know,” says Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark

“We must take responsibility for what readers know”

US writing coach and scholar Roy Peter Clark calls for clear and honest writing in the world of lies, propaganda and misinformation


Maybe the people at Fox should be putting in a bulk order for Roy Peter Clark’s new book,  “Tell It Like It Is: A Guide to Clear and Honest Writing“. I love Clark’s Writing Tools and I’m sure this will be an excellent guide to doing good journalism in the middle of the Culture Wars. This interview in is well worth a look if you’re wondering how to navigate this world of ‘lies, propaganda and misinformation’.

Hearst UK CCO announced as Chair of the PPA’s under-30s Next Gen Board

Jane Wolfson announced as Chair of the PPA Next Gen Board – PPA

Industry executives named as support for under-30s initiative to advance publishing sector.


This is just such a great initiative from the UK’s PPA, encouraging the inclusion of younger voices across the special interest and magazine media sector to help shape the future of the industry. Heart’s Jane Wolfson, Chief Commercial Officer at Hearst UK will be the chair of its 15-member Next Gen board. She said: “We want to encourage different perspectives and ideas, as well as helping the next generation of leaders hone their skills at board level.”

The most influential people in media … in 2023

The results of our mediashapers poll are in, with Elon Musk and Sam Altman taking centre stage in a media business that seems to be spinning out of control. Jim Bilton analyses …


InPublishing and Wessenden Marketing have been polling people who work in the media to find out who they think are the key individuals currently shaping media. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, Elmo topped the poll with 36%. “Ownership of Twitter gives him an influence that is out of all proportion to his capabilities,” said one wise respondent. The next nearest contender was OpenAI’s Sam Altman and I’m just away to check my pension to see if I can afford to retire (JOKES, I’m a freelance journalist, I don’t have a pension).

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