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Adam Mosseri on the first year of Threads

With more than 175 million monthly users, Meta has its sights set on overtaking Twitter


I’ve personally avoided Threads (who wants yet another social media account to manage) but over 175 million users have stuck around since launch, firmly establishing its place as a viable social media network.

Here, Casey Newton interviews Threads chief Adam Mosseri about how its first year has gone. It’s an interesting read not least because Mosseri does an excellent job of wriggling out of some tough ‘news’ questions, but I was struck by his answer to another question about audience growth, which I think we could take on board ourselves as publishers:

“Reach is a perennial problem…My hope is that Threads isn’t just about reach, it’s reach for a reason. What are you trying to do? Hopefully, it’ll help you do that because either the people you can reach on Threads are disproportionately valuable, or the feedback you get from the community on Threads is disproportionately valuable, or just the consumption of content that you find on Threads is valuable to you.”


How audience research is rebooting independent media in Central Europe

As outlets shift their strategies based on these audience-centric findings, they are not only experiencing audience growth, but also unlocking new revenue streams.

I don’t think you can ever know too much about your audience – or potential new readers. This piece summarises insights from a research project by Zinc Networks into media consumption preferences in Central Europe. Not only did they discover that more people would be willing to pay for news than currently do (by a fair margin), but they learned more about the types of people who are currently being underserved, and what audiences value.


Veteran columnists making more money on Substack after local newspaper exits

Two popular local California columnists say they have seen financial success since leaving their city paper employer and moving to Substack.

Two veteran local newspaper journalists in California who left their title amid cost cuts in May are already making more money after launching their own newsletters on Substack. This is the nightmare scenario which plagued publishers back in lockdown, but which never materialised for many. The pair now speculate that their total subscriber lists are larger than their former paper’s circulation…


Why male voices dominate when it comes to news on social media

Sophia Smith Galer, Marverine Cole and Amy Ross Arguedas share their views.

No easy answers to the issues highlighted recently by the Reuters Digital News Report: that the vast majority of top news influencers are men. Broadcasting professional Marverine Cole hit the nail on the head with one of her reasons: “Men dominate generally in journalism, and media presenting; they are platformed more readily and white men in particular, men’s viewpoints are held paramount above women’s and women having any opinion often get shouted down and belittled when it comes to news topics, and we generally get abused for having one, full stop.”

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How broadcaster SPORT1 uses AI and automation to maximise social media impact: in conversation with Echobox

SPORT1 and Echobox join us to discuss improving efficiency and productivity in a time where platforms are shifting to video content, building communities across multiple sports and leagues and of course, the role of AI in planning and testing.


What the Publisher Podcast Awards finalists show about podcasting in 2024

From our work coordinating the awards, drawing up the shortlists and adjudicating in the case of a couple of very close categories, here are some of the things we’ve noticed about the state of publisher podcasts in 2024.


Setting the tone in podcasts and newsletters

In Charlotte Henry’s latest ‘Lessons from the creator economy’ column, she explains why publishers across the board are struggling to find the balance between professionalisation and informality.

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