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Why we’ve launched a media community forum

We’re excited to introduce the Media Voices community: a place for professionals in media and publishing to come together.


Launching this has been on our wishlist for years, and I’m so excited it’s finally happened. I had the realisation we just needed to get on and do it – the UX is far from flawless, but getting stuck on making it perfect would mean we’d never get there.

So here we have it: a good, old-fashioned forum. I’ve set out the reasoning about what we want to achieve, why now, and how you can get involved. But most importantly, we really want it to be useful, whether that’s by connecting you with fellow industry professionals or finding you your next great listen.

There’s already some good chat in there about everything from Google Analytics 4 to the new Blur album and whether local news giants should be allowed to die. Come join in!


Meta to wind down Facebook News tab and stop funding Community News Project

Meta will end the Facebook News tab from December and stop funding the Community News Project when the current contracts elapse, it has said.

The surprise for me here was that the rollout of the News tab in the UK had happened at all – despite being a daily user, I had to actively go hunting for it this afternoon to confirm its existence. It looks like Meta’s payments to publishers to appear in the tab were merely a short-term appeasement.

Did you ever see the FB News tab? Did it bring any traffic or revenue in? Join in the discussion!


The New York Times finds a match with the word game Connections

“Come for the news, stay for the games.”

If you like the sound of this game, I can highly recommend you add the board game ‘Codenames’ to your Christmas list as an ‘IRL’ version excellent for playing with groups. The NYT’s Head of Games talks to Nieman Lab about the rules he has for new games and why success is so important to them.


Are we in the golden age of platform monetisation?

A Publish Press investigation

For creators, yes. For publishers, no. Every major platform – Snap, TikTok, Instagram, X and YouTube – now offers payouts for creators. Don’t get too excited though – only 12% of creators earn more than $50,000 a year from online platforms.

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Singletrack’s Mark Alker on reader revenues vs programmatic advertising

Mark Alker runs one of the most successful publisher-led forums on t’internet, so this has been on my re-listening list recently.


One email to rule them all: The New Statesman consolidates its newsletters

The New Statesman has whittled down its portfolio to just a daily and Saturday newsletter. But is consolidation wise in an era of personalisation?


Nine things we learned making an indie print magazine

The Grub Street Journal is a magazine for people who make magazines. Here are nine things the team learned making the print-first magazine.

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