2019 has been a milestone year for the Media Voices podcast. From hitting 100 episodes to recording live from Magfest, we’ve had some truly special episodes and 12 months of fantastic guests.

But what does the data say about you, our listeners? Here are our top 10 most popular episodes of 2019.

1: WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson on lessons from a year behind a paywall

WIRED’s Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson talks about the brand’s positioning as a tech magazine in a digital world, the impact of two huge Facebook features, lessons learned from WIRED’s paywall a year on, and what his dream paywall would look like.

2: Tortoise’s Katie Vanneck Smith talks subscription success with Piano’s Michael Silberman

In this special Conversations episode of Media Voices, Chris is joined by Michael Silberman, SVP of Strategy at Piano, and Katie Vanneck Smith, co-founder of slow journalism outlet Tortoise. The trio discusses everything from how publishers and partners can model propensity to pay, the difference between membership and subscription strategies, and best practice around user data.

3: Digiday editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey on shifting digital publishing economics

Digiday editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey talks about publishing economics and sustainability, how B2B is cool, and the value of being really honest about change.

4: Google’s Head of News Ecosystem Development Madhav Chinnappa on supporting journalism

Google’s Head of News Ecosystem Development Madhav Chinnappa takes us through his views on the often-fraught relationship between publishers and platforms, what lessons he’s learned from the Google News Initiative, and what best practice looks like for subscriptions success.

5: BBC Producer Dr Chadden Hunter on using media to raise global awareness of conservation issues

Dr Chadden Hunter is a Director and Producer at the BBC Natural History Unit, and has worked on blockbuster nature programmes like Planet Earth II, Frozen Planet and Wild Arabia. He discusses how he balances the desire to highlight conservation issues with the need to produce an entertaining series, the role new media can play in reaching global audiences, and what it’s like working with David Attenborough on the storytelling side. He also tells us why he has hope in the younger generation and their climate change activism.

6: The Guardian’s Chief Revenue Officer Hamish Nicklin on sustainable journalism and fair advertising

The Guardian’s Chief Revenue Officer Hamish Nicklin takes us through the newspaper’s journey to profit through membership and contributions, the reestablishment of ‘premium’ advertising, and its plans through to 2022.

7: HuffPost UK Executive Editor Jess Brammar on section launches & a new school of journalism

Jess Brammar, Executive Editor at HuffPost UK talks to us about a number of their recent launches, from the HuffPost School of Journalism in partnership with Birmingham City University, to two new sections on the site which replace the famous blogs section. She also discusses what it’s like moving from broadcast to digital journalism, how the news landscape has evolved, and how she keeps her team motivated during the non-stop Brexit news cycle.

8: Chelsea Magazine Company digital director Paul Rayner on profitable operating models

Veteran of the magazine industry Paul Rayner talks about his career trajectory from Dennis to LadBible to the Chelsea Magazine Company, from launching magazines to franchise models and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

9: 100th episode special: how do publishers maintain their brand value in a world of distributed content?

Our 100th episode special was recorded live in front of an audience in London on May 2nd. We were joined by four fantastic guests – EMPIRE’s Editor in Chief Terri White, The Week’s Chief Executive Kerin O’Connor, PinkNews’ Head of Platforms Ellen Stewart, and Bibblio’s founder Mads Holmen – to discuss whether publishers can maintain brand identity in a world of distributed content.

10: Delayed Gratification co-founder Rob Orchard on the mission of ‘slow journalism’

Rob Orchard – the co-founder and editor of the original slow journalism magazine Delayed Gratification – takes us through the mission of the magazine, why giving news room to breathe is absolutely vital, and why more publishers are jumping on the bandwagon.

That’s it for this year! Don’t miss our Christmas special episode, looking at the key media moments in 2019 and what they could mean for publishers in 2020.