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22/07/2019: HuffPost UK Executive Editor Jess Brammar
15/07/2019: The Guardian Chief Revenue Officer Hamish Nicklin
08/07/2019: Beano Digital Network Head of Editorial Lydia Mossahebi
01/07/2019: The Overtake Editor Robyn Vinter
24/06/2019: C&EN Media VP Dr Bibiana Campos Seijo
17/06/2019: Den of Geek UK Editor Rosie Fletcher
10/06/2019: Google Head of News Ecosystem Development Madhav Chinnappa
03/06/2019: Chelsea Magazine Company Digital Director Paul Rayner
22/05/2019: Conversations: Modelling subscription success
20/05/2019: WIRED Editor in Chief Nicholas Thompson
13/05/2019: Associated Media CEO Julia Raphaely
06/05/2019: 100th episode special
08/04/2019: Delayed Gratification co-founder Rob Orchard
01/04/2019: Readly MD Ranj Begley
25/03/2019: Spotify VP of EMEA Marco Bertozzi
18/03/2019: BBC Producer Dr Chadden Hunter
11/03/2019: International Magazine Centre’s Nikki Simpson
03/12/2018: WIRED Senior Editor Victoria Turk
19/11/2018: Trint founder and CEO Jeff Kofman
12/11/2018: Popbitch co-founder Camilla Wright
05/11/2018: Skift CEO Rafat Ali
29/10/2018: Women’s Health editor in chief Claire Sanderson
22/10/2018: Flipboard Head of Growth Claus Enevoldsen
14/10/2018: Foul Play founder Grace Harrison
12/08/2018: Conversations: Is advertising more hassle than it’s worth?
30/07/2018: The Times and Sunday Times’ Head of Digital Alan Hunter


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