On this week’s episode of Media Voices, Meg Cramer, Senior Producer of Trump Inc., takes us through why a collaborative team took on what might be a coast-to-coast crime scene, why a podcast can ask questions while an article must provide answers, and why great journalism transcends mediums.

In the news roundup, the team discuss the BBC and ITV’s Netflix competitor BritBox, whether Jeremy Corbyn is Trumpian in his approach to the media, and why Medium and Twitter’s partnership could be great for the consumer. The team launches their new feature, Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Corner.

See the full transcript here.

In our own words: Chris Sutcliffe

As our news roundup for this week demonstrates, we are effectively sailing through uncharted water for British media. The nominal leader of our Opposition disparages the press as regularly as the president. There seems to be a disconnect between the intentions of the press to hold the powerful to account, and their ability to do so.

My interview with Meg Cramer, senior producer of Trump Inc, brought those concerns into sharper focus. As a partially publicly-funded podcast dedicated to investing the business affairs of a notoriously opaque (and orange) sitting president, its mission must seem Sisyphean at the best of times.

Despite that, Cramer is optimistic about the opportunities for political podcasts to bridge the gap between the public and the journalists who are investigating the president on their behalf:

“We’ve opened the project up to members of the public who want to contribute questions, story ideas, tips. We love getting tips. And we also work with other journalists, which is something that I have come to understand, is a little unusual on this beat. It’s a very competitive beat covering the president. We’ve created this space with this podcast where people can come and share the stories that we’re working on.”

There’s plenty of other insights contained in Meg’s interview, from the challenges of monetising podcasts to the perceived value of journalism across mediums. However, the lesson that stuck with me the most is that collaboration between journalists in the face of attacks from the powerful is more vital now than ever.


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