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Futureproofing local news: The tools and trends that will shape the next decade

Our latest podcast series, supported by the Google News Initiative, features publishers and experts who are working to find resilient business models.

In the fourth and final episode of our special podcast miniseries — all about how local news will be funded and produced — we hear from even more experts in the field of regional news creation. This time, we’re looking at the tools and underlying trends that are going to change the face of local news and how audience interact with it.

In this episode you’ll hear from strategists and decision-makers from DC Thomson, Table Stakes, Rue89 Strasbourg and Social Spider among many others, all sharing their vision for what news publishers should expect over the next few years.

Just because this miniseries is over doesn’t mean it’s the end of our examination of local news businesses. As we’ve said countless times on the podcast local news is the bedrock of both journalism as a vocation and the fourth estate in general. If you know any interesting local news stories you’d love to see featured on Media Voices, don’t hesitate to send them our way.


Local news in the UK is in deep trouble. But this band of radicals could change everything

On tiny budgets, indie publishers from Manchester to Glasgow are doing amazing things. The government must unlock their potential, says journalist Jonathan Heawood

And speaking of… the Public Interest News Foundation’s Jonathan Heawood is arguing for the necessity of local news in the Guardian. He’s highlighting some of our own favourite outlets, but also makes the case that getting the government to support them is absolutely vital. You can argue for or against government intervention in news provision until the cows come home, but nobody’s contending that the alternative — a dead local news sector — is any better.


Thriving without ads: How inside story sustains investigative journalism on subscription revenue

As an investigative platform, it made sense for them to use a subscription model. The model gave them the freedom to report without any editorial interference and helped them gain credibility in the eyes of their readers.

Yeesh, the first couple of paragraphs of this story are… not pretty. As the financial strictures of the past few years have hit the public’s pocket books, so too has their support for news organisations dwindled (understandably). But as this case study of inside story demonstrates, it is still possible to succeed in that landscape provided you get your messaging, cost base, and mission properly squared away.

One publisher is about to embark into the world of podcasting and is looking for some advice from other publishers on getting started. Join the conversation.


Axel Springer unveils its first U.S. leadership team

The 10-person cohort includes five new hires and points toward centralization

Finally, some good news! Or at least broadly positive news, anyway. Germany’s Axel Springer has appointed a US leadership team for the first time, with the remit to protect and facilitate the future growth of its brands in the ol’ US of A. We’ve always been fans of Springer at Media Voices; it’s been very adept at making investments in high-growth areas, so it’ll be interesting to see what this leads to.

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Futureproofing local news: special podcast series

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2023 has seen a number of ongoing trends around the public’s trust in media run their course. Chris Sutcliffe rounds up the last 12 months in trust.


Inflation increases pressure on newsprint, but magazines still find niches

Economic turmoil has accelerated print decline, but magazines are eyeing shorter runs and reduced frequency as an opportunity to cash in on scarcity.

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