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How can the local news sector hang onto its young stars?

How can the local news sector hang on to its young stars?

Low pay and job layoffs are putting talent off pursuing a career in the industry: “it really seems like we’re commodities, and it doesn’t matter how committed or able people are”


On this week’s episode of the podcast Peter explicitly said that young journalists don’t enter the industry to crank out ten stories a day based on single Instagram posts. I also asked if those same journalists were annoyed by management using them as a shield against any criticism of the publishers’ digital strategies. Now, as if by magic, has done a lengthy investigation into how those journalists feel when laid-off by local publishers looking to cut costs.

It’s upsetting reading: “A Reach journalist working for a South West title tells ‘I’m gutted and shocked because we’ve been doing so well, meeting targets and getting page views. ‘It’s demoralising. It really seems like we’re commodities, and it doesn’t matter how committed or able people are. Don’t tell me all 420 staff at risk of redundancy are not hard-working.'”

And that’s the crux of it. While Reach’s management (and the management of other local publishers) have to bear the brunt of criticism, ultimately the axe doesn’t fall onto their necks. There’s plenty more in the linked article, but it’s hard to look at statements like the one above and not think there’s something rotten about local journalism in the UK.

Why Argentina’s biggest publisher is betting on newsletters

Argentina’s biggest publisher bets on newsletters, and the characteristics that make it a success…

With a portfolio of 40 newsletters and registration strategy, Infobae can now build closer relationships with their readers


This one’s extremely relevant to my interview with Farrah Storr on this week’s podcast. She explained why the inbox is still a rarefied and valuable environment for publishers – and that’s an ethos that Infobae (great name) appears to be bringing to its own newsletters. And even when they’re not paid-for products, they’re still ridiculously valuable.

Will Fox News settle in its Dominion defamation lawsuit?

Why First Amendment Experts Think Fox News Will Settle Its Dominion Dispute

With dueling motions for summary judgment pending and a trial looming, lawyers watching the fight expect it to end in a draw as the network weighs “how much risk they want to ta…


I was genuinely surprised by this headline – if only because it suggests the possibility there’ll be repercussions for Fox News. According to the Hollywood Reporter, some media lawyers are expecting that the network will settle to avoid the long lasting damage to its reputation from having its reporters shown to be liars. I don’t know if I’m jaded or just a realist, but I’ll believe this when I see it.

Why Bonnier restructured around enthusiast communities

“Unique skillsets we never had before”: Why Bonnier restructured around enthusiast communities | …

Bonnier LLC, part of Swedish-based Bonnier AB media group, has restructured in its efforts to become a premier outdoor adventure destination in the U.S. Key to the restructuring…


On a very old episode of the podcast I learned that the UK had not one but two contemporaneous magazines dedicated solely to carp. Well, perhaps that wasn’t such a fishy statistic after all: in the US, Bonnier LLC (publisher of Marlin magazine) is restructuring around enthusiast communities.

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