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There’s just two weeks to go until Mx3 AI; a live event in London from Media Voices and Media Makers Meet. The full agenda is now live, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence, take a look at how local news orgs, nationals, magazines and B2B publishers are getting to grips with AI.

Newsrewired special with

What’s top of mind for today’s news leaders at Newsrewired? Evolving at pace, finding your USP – but not burning out in the process.


In our first collaborative podcast with our friends at, we travelled to Newsrewired in London for a day of panels and workshops about the future of digital publishing. In a world of increasing possibilities and pressures, the central question of the day was this: how can we be selective and effective at innovating?

This isn’t just an episode for news publishers; there’s plenty in there about leadership, AI (of course), collaboration, subscriptions best practice and the must-win battles for publishers.

A huge thanks to Jacob for sharing the mic with us – do check out their weekly podcast as well, or the Newsrewired site for more detailed coverage of the day’s sessions.


Jezebel is set to rise from the dead

Weeks after its shock shuttering, Jezebel is poised to be resurrected, Confider has learned—thanks to several bidders who’ve come out of the woodwork.

This isn’t completely surprising given the shock that Jezebel’s closure caused. Four potential buyers have come out of the woodwork, with two submitting seven-figure offers to bring the site back to life. Former EiC Laura Bassett would return alongside most of the dozen-plus staff if the frontrunning deal goes through, but I can’t help feeling a little sorry for the rollercoaster ride the team must have been on the past few weeks.


This is the worst media employee ever. But he can’t be fired

The most important decisions in publishing are being taken by someone with no morals and no accountability.

“Let me tell you a story about the most cynical, amoral and irresponsible person who has ever held down a job in media publishing or broadcasting…” It’s difficult to write a summary here without ruining the point of the piece, so I’ll simply say, it’s not Elon Musk. Oh, and the header image has put me off spaghetti for a while.


Black Friday paywall benchmarking

It’s that time of year again! In the run-up to Christmas, Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to convince readers to convert into subscribers

So apparently Black Friday has now morphed into Black Friday [week], or even [month] from some overenthusiastic retailers. But if you have plans to run a sale this coming Friday, here’s some very useful benchmarking from The Audiencers, as well as some best practice tips.

Should publishers be focusing on upselling existing subscribers or are there still lots of new digital subscribers out there? What’s your subscription priority? Let us know in our community forum!

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Apple News doesn’t share reader data directly. But there are clear pathways for publishers to leverage and drive first-party data capture in the app.


No, print magazines are not like vinyl

Vinyl is a flawed substrate for music; print has never been a substandard reading substrate. But that’s not the only unhelpful comparison.


What to expect at our upcoming AI-focused event for publishers

There’ll be plenty to learn from all of the speakers, but here are just a few of the sessions we’re most looking forward to at Mx3 AI.

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