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80% of publishers saw a decline in Google related search traffic last year

Discover the reasons behind these declines and learn how publishers are addressing them in Digiday and Arc XP’s “The State of Publisher Traffic: Framing the Evolution and Impact of Search and Referral in 2024” report!

Sponsored by Arc XP, Digiday surveyed 115 publishers to explore key questions like:

  • How are publishers navigating the evolving terrain of search and referral traffic?

  • What changes have publishers witnessed in traffic patterns, and how have they adapted?

  • What strategies are leading publishers employing to tackle emerging challenges?

Five audience growth and revenue strategies from outside the UK

How do you move print readers to digital? Are there other ways to hold on to subscribers besides a last-ditch deal? These questions and more answered


Last week’s Audiencers Festival looks like it went brilliantly, and I’m grateful to Jacob Granger for covering it (and some of the sessions from our own Summits). There are some fascinating stories in this piece, from the formation of Canada’s biggest local co-operative newsgroup to the ruthless retention strategies of Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

I particularly liked French news organisation Libération’s approach to reducing churn. They have a plan for most scenarios, from inactivity to an upcoming expiry, and use that to try and move them to longer plans.

People prefer to save money (€36) than time (two months) by switching to an annual plan. This saves “hundreds” of would-be cancellers a month, said head of subscription marketing Adèle Bacos.


Research: Photo posts produce significantly more engagement than link posts on Facebook

On average, pages posting photo posts saw an increase in impressions of around 114%, while engagement increased by around 100%. News companies should take note.

The short history of photo posts in this highlights the ridiculousness of these algorithm changes. But if you care about your Facebook content doing well, this is worth a read. Looks like photo posts are back in, which I guess relegates the link back to the comments section…


McSweeney’s celebrates 25 years with an issue in the form of a lunchbox

McSweeney’s art director Sunra Thompson sheds light on the unexpected design behind the quarterly’s 74th issue.

When is a magazine no longer a magazine? Maybe when it no longer fits neatly on the bookshelf, and instead can survive the dishwasher. Everything about this story treads that fine line between being brilliant and bonkers. “I sort of envy anyone who subscribes to McSweeney’s who thinks they’re subscribing to a magazine and winds up getting something like this in the mail….That feeling of mild confusion, followed by surprise, awe, and joy, is nice to imagine.”


A two-person Substack newsletter got 550 people to turn up to local election events

Medway’s indie title, Local Authority, had packed out rooms for candidates to respond to voter questions ahead of the UK general election

Ed Jennings and Steven Keevil launched Local Authority on Substack in 2021, covering the Medway towns in Kent. Not only do they run it outside of their day jobs, but they got over 500 readers to turn up across three hustings. They put the big turnout down to the direct relationship formed with readers. One nugget: they’re inspired by Mill Media but are fully aware Medway is not Manchester, and are adapting accordingly…

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No, print magazines are not like vinyl

Vinyl is a flawed substrate for music; print has never been a substandard reading substrate. But that’s not the only unhelpful comparison.

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