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Futureproofing local news: special podcast series

In the third episode, we speak to some local news organisations about getting company culture to the best possible place.


It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for the third instalment of our futureproofing local news podcast series! In this episode, we speak to some local news organisations about getting company culture to the best possible place.

To build a sustainable – and successful – publishing business requires staff to be on board with changes, as well as a collaborative environment with good communication. For local news organisations, external relationships with audiences also need work.

There’s so much practical advice packed in here for publishers of all shapes and sizes, not just local newsrooms. From preparing staff for constant change and evolution to really putting audiences first, getting these processes right can bring tangible benefits to publishers.


How Apple News can support publisher data strategies

There are clear pathways for publishers to funnel readers to their own properties and support data strategies using Apple News.

Like Joey from Friends, Apple has a reputation for not sharing, at least when it comes to customer information. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a first-party data play for publishers on Apple News. Peter Houston speaks to FlatPlan’s CEO Kieran Delaney about how publishers can use the platform to support their own data strategies.


Navigating the new 2024 email guidelines: A roadmap for Gmail & Yahoo

Today, new guidelines have been introduced by two of the largest email service providers, Gmail and Yahoo.

If you send newsletters to Gmail and Yahoo accounts – which is probably all of you – there are some changes both companies have made to how they handle emails which means you almost certainly need to make some tweaks. This piece on Mx3 explains what the changes are, and how they potentially impact you.

Know a good sales freelancer with a bit of capacity? Singletrack World is looking. More details on our (fledgling) recruitment board in our community forum.


DW’s strategic approach to journalism on TikTok

In challenging media environment, Deutsche Welle has crafted a TikTok strategy, emphasising meticulous planning, adaptability, and audience engagement.

Personally, TikTok is not somewhere I would recommend publishers invest huge amounts of time and energy building an audience. But if it’s a platform you’d like to get smarter about experimenting with, Deutsche Welle’s Erika Marzano has shared some of the things her team has learned about growing on TikTok.

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LADbible Group’s Jake Strong-Jones on the best use of social platforms

In this week’s episode we hear from LADbible Group’s Operations Lead Jake Strong-Jones on how the group’s verticals make best use of social platforms.


Publishers blink as Meta cuts off money and traffic

The already-strained relationship with the tech giants soured further in 2023 as attempts to force payments in Canada saw Meta block news completely.


Newsletter portfolios shrinking as publishers consolidate engagement

The social media traffic collapse has made newsletters more important than ever, but less is looking like more in the fight for engagement.

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