There’s just one month to go until Mx3 AI; a new event we at Media Voices are collaborating on with Media Makers Meet (Mx3). It takes place in London on 7th December, and the agenda is jam-packed with sessions for publishers at all stages of their AI journeys.

There’ll be plenty to learn from all of the speakers, but here are just a few of the sessions we’re most looking forward to at Mx3 AI alongside plenty of networking and excellent food.

Dykes in Cockermouth: Implementation learnings from AI in local news

If that session heading doesn’t convince you this is a must-listen, I don’t know what will. Clare Cook, the Head of Journalism and Media Viability at International Media Support will be taking to the stage with Nicole Regan, Digital Editor at Barrnon Media to talk about the practical side of implementing AI in local newsrooms.  

They will discuss how to identify use cases for AI and automation, setting ROI goals and how Barrnon Media approached their own AI project. Also, how do you overcome Cubrian place names which – out of context – are less than polite!

Lessons from Immediate Media’s AI Experimentation Days

When we saw Immediate Media had undertaken two days of AI experimentation, bringing people from across the business to work on new and innovative AI solutions, we knew we had to speak to them to find out what other publishers could learn.

Immediate’s Director of Digital Content Strategy, Roxanne Fisher, will be sharing what they discovered when they let 270 of their staff from across the business loose on 27 projects over two days. Will you be inspired to hold your own AI Experimentation Day? We hope so.

AI, the future of search and implications for media

With Google and Microsoft in a race to use generative AI to transform the way we search, the next few years will undoubtedly see a complete overhaul of publishers’ approach to SEO. 

Stuart Forrest, Bauer Media’s Global SEO Director will be sharing his perspective on what AI means for the future of search, and what publishers should be doing to prepare for the changes. Given the industry’s continued reliance on traffic from search, the shifts are something we should all be following very closely.

Top uses of AI by media brands worldwide

Charlie Beckett, The Journalism AI Project’s Director, is a fount of knowledge when it comes to publishers using AI. His team at LSE even have a database of the best case studies they’ve been keeping for some years, to make the most interesting applications of AI in journalism easy to find.

Given how long Charlie has been working in this space, expect some practical, inspiring examples of AI being used by media brands worldwide that can help publications of all shapes and sizes on their own AI journey.

Moving from strategy to implementation

It’s all very well to get inspired and identify where AI could help your business. But how do you move from that to actually getting on with it? How should you approach conversations with stakeholders internally, and what should you consider when exploring options?

The FT Strategies team have worked with a number of publishers on AI implementation, and have surveyed thousands more about their plans. Aliya Itzkowitz and Sam Gould will give their advice for how you can ‘just do it’ when bringing AI tech into your organisation.

See the full agenda, tickets and more information about the event over at

MX3 AI is an in-person event, but for those who can’t attend, there will be a post-event podcast released on Media Voices and a report. 

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