The Publisher Podcast Awards, run by the Media Voices team, have opened entries for the second year of the awards, with submissions open until Friday November 27th 2020.

The awards are designed to celebrate the podcasting success of publishers and media organisations, whether they’ve been in the podcasting space a while or have just launched their first one.

There are six new categories available to enter this year, including Best Food and Drink Podcast, Best Coronavirus Podcast, Best Podcast Launch, and Best Commercial Strategy. There are also categories for niche and specialist podcasts, as well as branded episodes and series.

Esther Kezia Thorpe: “Given the calibre of entries we attracted last year, I am really excited to open entries for 2021’s awards. It’s been a tough year for the industry, but podcasts have remained a good way for publishers to bring audiences closer to their brand with consistently higher levels of engagement than any other medium.

“I’m going to be paying particular attention to entries to our new categories this year, especially around successful commercial strategies and new podcast launches. It’s been encouraging to see so many new podcasts being launched and fresh thinking around revenue strategies this year, despite the pandemic.”

Peter Houston: “After the year we’ve all had, it’s nice to have something so positive to look forward to. We’ve all learned so much about what makes podcasting work for publishers.

“We’re looking to build on last year’s success, and hopefully that means more brilliant podcasts to listen to and more amazing audio strategies to learn about.”

Chris Sutcliffe: “Following last year’s inaugural awards, we felt like we had to raise our own podcast game. The standard was so high, and we know from talking to last year’s winners that the bar has been raised again.

“It’s a privilege to be able to hear the strategies and hopes behind the podcasts that audiences adore, to see the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating a product that sounds effortlessly easy.”

Entries close on 27th November, and the awards themselves will be given out at a ceremony in April, with details TBC.

For more information on entering, sponsorship opportunities, and to be kept up to date with announcements, see the website at

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